Floward Subscription

Keep your home or office fresh and lively by subscribing to receive a new arrangement every week.

How It Works

Easily set up your monthly flowers subscription

Choose your favorite from our selection or create your own set.

Select the starting date, and other subscription details

Pay using your preferred method; Card, Apple Pay, PayPal and more

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Customize your subscription

Choose your favorite flowers to arrange your subscription, select your box or vase size.

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Or select from a ready sets

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Home Subscription

Subscribe with Floward and recieve our fresh blooms right to your doorstep to brighten up your house. 


Flower types and colors may vary depeneding on availability and seasonality. 

Starting from EGP1,200 Monthly

Office Subscription

Subscribe with Floward to receive our fresh blooms to make your office feel nicer. 


Flower types and colours may vary depending on availability and seasonality. 

Starting from EGP950 Monthly

Floward Subscription FAQs

What's A Subscription?

Via our new subscription system, you will get fresh flowers delivered to your loved ones or your doorstep during a month. You can select the type of flowers or choose from our collection.

How Often Can You Deliver A Subscription Over A Month?

You can set the preferred frequency for the month and get your deliveries once a month, twice, or every week.

What If I Want A Certain Type Of Flower Or A Different Size?

You can easily select your favorite flowers, and select your preferred size and packaging, box, or vase.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Cancel anytime or choose not to auto-renew the subscription from the checkout.