Maison Samadi-London

Maison Samadi builds on a long-standing family tradition which started in 1872 and was passed on through generations making it synonymous with outstanding quality and exquisite taste. The brand uses the finest ingredients to create chocolate and hand-crafted chocolate gifts that are delicately and individually decorated and wrapped by skilled artisans creating the ultimate gift for your loved ones.


White Cymbidium with Chocolate Dates

£ 115

New Moon

£ 186

Coral Rose Bouquet with Chocolate

£ 89

Luxury Fishbowl with Chocolate

£ 152

Gold Orchid with Milk Chocolates

£ 105

White Lily Cylinder with Chocolate Dates

£ 130

Double Orange Tulip Cylinder with Chocolate Pecans

£ 93

35 Pale Pink Roses with Chocolate

£ 103

Lilac Rose Bouquet with Dark Chocolate

£ 111

The Purple Passion With Chocolate

£ 68

Baby Girl Bouquet with Chocolate Almonds

£ 78

Fuchsia Bouquet with Chocolate

£ 87